Does it Pay to Buy Online Visibility?

chp_mouse_money_3This is a loaded question.  The truth is every business owner asks themselves whether to pay an aggregator to generate leads or decide to do-it-themselves. The truth is managing your online presence can be a time consuming task for the busy business owner. However, with the right guidance it can be done and done cost effective.  Let’s talk about the basics.

It’s reported that eighty percent (80%) of local consumers click on organic listings, as opposed to paid ads, making it more important than ever to your business to have a highly visible and accurate organic local presence.   Aggregators focus on paid ads, which are costly with no guarantees.

What is an aggregator: An aggregator is a company that solicits businesses to join their network to leverage the collective buying power to purchase ads to generate online leads from prospective consumers. Typically they are experts in SEO. However, if you are not prepared to lock into a long term relationship by maintaining the investment you run the risk of going back to square one when the relationship ends.

So what do you do when you have a limited budget or none at all? Do It Yourself! Businesses understand the importance of being found online at the very moment people are searching for what they offer. Until you can build a sustainable budget to partner with an aggregator you must first do the basics to gain visibility.   This process starts with verifying your business name, address and phone (NAP) on each search, review, and directory site. Yes, it can take some time (start with a weekend), but the savings benefit, content and update flexibility can make it worth it. To learn how to navigate the DIY Local SEO waters, contact Find My SMB to speak with a local search expert to you each step of the way.

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